Crafting Premium Terracotta Creations with Meticulous Care

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Our raw material begins with carefully selected red clay, meticulously sorted to remove any impurities such as stones and other elements. This refined clay is then blended with specialized sand to create a composition that meets our exacting standards. This meticulous process ensures that our products start with the highest quality materials, setting the foundation for the craftsmanship and excellence that define our brand.”

Shaping Modeling forming


After the raw materials have been meticulously sorted, the next crucial stage is the core formation process where they are shaped into various vase and pot creations. This process heavily relies on the skill and expertise of our artisans, and is carried out entirely by hand. Precision and accuracy are paramount during this stage, as we strive to minimize any significant variations that may affect products with the same model. Our commitment to meticulous craftsmanship ensures consistency and quality across our range of products.”



Next, the process is drying. The drying process is done naturally using a gradual drying technique with natural weather conditions. This process is crucial to ensure the gradual reduction of moisture content before the firing process, which is slower and more thorough, to avoid cracking during firing.



The next process is firing. The firing process involves placing the formed and dried raw materials into the oven, arranging them for desired efficiency. The composition of sizes becomes crucial considering the traditional kiln we use, to avoid temperature imbalances. Subsequently, the firing starts with a small flame to ensure optimal moisture reduction. After approximately 4-8 hours with a small flame, it progresses to a sufficiently large flame for several hours, periodically maintained for about 24 hours until the firing process is complete. Then, the cooling process takes approximately 12 hours until the products are ready for finishing.

Quality Control


The next process is first quality control, which involves separating the semi-finished vases and pots into those that are damaged and those suitable for finishing. The indicators used include the tolerance for cracks that can still be repaired, as well as size and shape consistency. Vases and pots with severe breakage will not be used and will be recycled into the raw material mixture for future use. After quality control has been conducted on each product, the next step is finishing.


The finishing process is carried out using several techniques according to the desired model and style. Among the techniques used are painting techniques, either by baking or torching using pressurized flame. This stage involves applying a combination of paint and other special materials to the vase or pot, then torching it to achieve the desired texture and color. Another technique involves washing, where several layers of applied paint on the vase are opened up with a special liquid to achieve distinctive abstractions and color blends. In addition to these two major techniques commonly used in our finishing process, we also continuously experiment with other techniques and raw materials such as wood coating, cement, and others. Once this finishing process is completed, the inner and bottom parts of each product are painted black to cover any remaining terracotta color. Additionally, we add anti-scratch protection in the form of black rubber dots or black dots numbering 3 or 4, depending on the size of the vase or pot. This ensures that the application of our products does not damage furniture and is safe to use.

Quality Control


Second Quality control after the finishing stage is conducted to ensure that the color matches the desired specifications, the composition of finishing materials is correct, and to observe whether there are any defects in the physical appearance of the product and its safety in handling. Additionally, it ensures the conformity of sizes before packing.