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Elevating Plered Pottery to Global Recognition

Welcome to CV. Risman Wijaya Ceramics! We are a handicraft company specializing in the production of decorative and functional ceramics for interior decoration. Our journey began with the ambitious vision of our founders to elevate the authentic local artistry of Plered – the traditional pottery craft that has been a part of our heritage since ancient times. Determined to showcase this cultural gem on the global stage, we embarked on a mission to introduce Plered ceramics to a wider audience, transcending borders and gaining recognition worldwide.
Our company was established in 1993 in Purwakarta, West Java, Indonesia. To achieve our ambitious goals, we have always endeavored to be active in both national and international craft industries. Our journey began with participation in a trading event in Bali, where we secured our first buyer from Taiwan. Despite limitations, this opportunity served as a stepping stone for us. From 1997 to 2002, our market expanded to Italy and Spain through intermediary exports.
In our efforts to introduce our craftsmanship, we also participated in the Ambiente exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany, three times until 2010. Since then, we have maintained intensive communication with our guests and potential buyers from these exhibitions. In 2014, we also participated in the IFEX exhibition, which led to numerous collaborations for exporting our products to various countries.
Since 2018, our company has been independently engaged in exporting activities. Currently, we actively participate in various events and exhibitions, and we have established partnerships with clients from countries such as the United Kingdom, Poland, Belgium, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Dubai, Korea, and several countries in America.
Driven by a deep appreciation for our cultural heritage and a desire to preserve and promote traditional craftsmanship, CV. Risman Wijaya Ceramics strives to be a pioneer in the pottery industry in Plered. We are committed to preserving the rich legacy of our ancestors while embracing innovation and modern techniques to ensure the continued relevance and excellence of our craft.
With a steadfast dedication to quality, creativity, and authenticity, we invite you to embark on this journey with us as we celebrate the timeless beauty and cultural significance of Plered ceramics, and strive to make our mark as a leading force in the global handicraft industry. Welcome to the world of CV. Risman Wijaya Ceramics – where tradition meets innovation, and artistry knows no bounds.
“To elevate and preserve the local artistry of Plered through pottery craftsmanship, to pioneer the pottery industry in Plered, and to become a globally recognized company in the production of decorative and functional ceramics.”
  1. To produce high-quality decorative and functional ceramics that reflect the beauty and authenticity of traditional Plered art.
  2. To innovate in design and production techniques to maintain the relevance and appeal of our products in the global market.
  3. To support the growth and development of the local pottery community by empowering artisans and fostering their creativity.
  4. To strive towards fostering positive change in environmental preservation by adopting eco-friendly and sustainable production practices.
  5. To provide excellent customer service and ensure customer satisfaction through quality products and a satisfying shopping experience.
"Infusing tradition and heritage, we blend terracotta to evoke timeless elegance."